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Red On Blue In Nottingham 2019

Hot on the heels of Vapnartak, is the quickly growing Red On Blue In Nottingham (ROBIN). As the name suggests, hosted in Nottingham at the Tennis Centre. The venue is good, although we got lost trying to find it and ended up on the University Campus! It's airy, full of light and there's plenty of space to get around the tables and traders. Coupled with the fact it's only about an hour from home makes it a good show in my opinion! Also, the players at each table seemed keen to chat and explain what was going on. Here are some photos of the games, with names where I can remember (as usual...):
The Great Northern War: Russians versus Swedes

Gangs of Rome:

Blood and Plunder 28mm Pirate Game


A Fantasy game, who's name I forget!

Second World War Bolt Action:

Modern Zombie Game


Nottingham Miniature Armoured Fighting Vehicle Association

I hope this show gets bigger and better as it is a great little show and I hope good things for it!
I've also turned the p…

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