'O' Group: Kursk

Following on from the first try of 'O' Group, I wanted to have  go at a scenario set on the Eastern Front, so I set up a basic German attack on a Soviet held village during the Kursk offensive of 1943. 

With the Germans advancing, the Soviet infantry began taking their positions in the farm buildings on the edge of the village. 

Two platoons held the front line initially. 

Pushing in on the right of the objective, German infantry began trading shots with the defenders. 

Even laying down some artillery fire to help.

They were also supported by two Panzer IVs, firing HE at the infantry. 

But a Soviet platoon of four T-34s arrived to bolster the line. 

Along with an ambushing 47mm AT gun firing at the Panzer's flank. 

The T-34s moved around the village to take shots at the Panzers.

However a Panther arrived and made its presence known immediately by brewing up a T-34. 

The Soviet defenders grimly held on. 

And tanks on both sides were damaged and shocked from the firing. 

Until another T-34 fell to the Panther's guns. 

The German reserve arrived to add pressure on the objective. 

And a flight of Jabos caused damage amongst the defending Soviets!

Despite one missing its mark, another T-34 was destroyed by the Jabos. 

With all four T-34s now burning the German pressure was mounting and the Soviets were taking heavy casualties. 

But the Germans were suffering as well as one of their tanks burned. 

On the edge of the village German infantry moved in to assault the defenders and to try to capture on of the BUAs. 

They succeeded in overwhelming the defenders and captured the village outskirts, victory was on the cards!

However, it was not to be, the Soviets managed to destroy enough German infantry that their morale collapsed and the Soviets won!

You can check out the video AAR of this game below, along with a review of 'O' Group: 


  1. Looks good- will watch the video when I get the chance. Avialble time at the moment is less than list of vids to watch sadly....



    1. Cheers Pete, yeah, I understand that completely, time and tide wait for no man.


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