'O' Group First Play

In March, Reisswitz Press released 'O' Group, David Brown's battalion level Second World War wargames rules. Being a long time fan of Rapid Fire (a similar game level), I couldn't wait to get it on the table. I based my try out on the scenario in the book and below are the photos of the first game I played. 

I also filmed this and you can find the full AAR as a two part video on my Youtube channel. I suggest you check that out HERE

The British forces push forward on Cristot.

But German Combat Patrols appear in an attempt to cut off the advance. 

As British infantry advance across the corn fields, the Germans begin appearing in the built up areas. 

Laying smoke allows for two British tanks to advance and keeps the enemy on their toes. 

But a German 50mm AT gun appears in ambush and takes shots at the armour, damaging a Firefly. 

Meanwhile, British infantry advancing on Cristot come under fire on the German right flank.

and a platoon is held up in their advance on a farm.

Despite losing an infantry platoon, the Germans hold the left flank farm. 

Aided by a Panther.

But they can't stop the slow advance of the British on the town of Cristot.

The Panther's fire brews up a Firefly.

But takes shots from the Sherman. 

Another Firefly and Sherman advance against the Panther but three of the tanks are quickly brewed up!

The Germans keep up a steady fire the British infantry advance across the fields and capture two of the four BUAs in the town of Cristot, winning the game. 

This was filmed as a two part AAR, you can watch both of these here along with a review of 'O' Group, below:


  1. Liked the video you put up of this. The question is... Woulld you ever go back to Rapid Fire?



    1. Cheers buddy! If I'm honest, the only thing I would use RF for now is the scenarios, O Group is far superior in pretty much every way.

    2. Good enough for me- will order a set on pdf.




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