German Early War Heavy Weapons in 15mm

During Plastic Soldier Company's sale at the end of 2020, I was able to pick up some German early war heavy weapons. This is a nice set and a good price, even before the sale discount. I didn't necessarily need these but I wanted to justify the postage, so in the basket they went. The set is made up of several different types of heavy weapons. Here are the MG34s on tripods and four flammenwerfers. 

I added a set of Command Decision crew to make them all compliant with the Two Fat Lardy rules, who have their weapons crewed by five rather than three that pretty much every other rules writer does.

Next up was a set of four 82mm Mortars, again with the five crew.  

Also included are these PAK 36 AT guns. 

And these 75mm infantry guns. 

 As I said it is a nice set with a lot of choice, although I will probably never field all the items at any one time, it's good to have the options. I also made a short video of these models and you can see this below:


  1. A decent amount of support there. I pity whoever gets to meet all the flammenwerfers at once....



    1. Cheers Pete, yeah it's overkill for sure. I'll probably never use more than a couple of any of them at any one time, but you have to be prepared, right?

  2. Finally catching up with a backlog of blogs to read... nice review of this set. I've only ever had vehicles from PSC but their figures look pretty good as well. Always been tempted by early war but I have to keep telling myself off for even considering breaking into another period (I'll succumbed eventually... but not just yet!)

    1. Cheers Lee, yeah the PSC stuff is lovely and at a good price, so starting a new period is never a chore...


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