1/144th Me 262 Schwalbe

Over Christmas, I was looking around for a small project that wouldn't take too much of my time and dug out this 1/144th scale Me262. It's a Trumpeter kit and I have no idea how I came to buy it in the first place. 

Wherever it came from, I fished it out of the pile and built it pretty quickly one Sunday afternoon. It was a nice kit and there was no hassle with putting it together, but then there were only about eight pieces in total... 

Painting was simple, I used ripped sponge to add the camo pattern and I weathered it with Flory washes dark dirt and that was it completed. I like the addition of the Kettenkraftrad towing it along. It also helps with keeping the nose from lifting due to the unbalanced weight as well... 

A nice little kit, and it didn't take a great deal of time to complete from click to bang, I also shot a little video of the bird here:



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