Chain of Command Kursk PSC Scenario 5: Escape to Victory

With a clear German victory in the previous scenario of the Chain of Command Kursk Pint-Sized Campaign, the Soviets began to evacuate their wounded as the German noose tightened. A flank attack from the Germans mean that the Soviets' time was ticking down....

The Soviets had three carts of wounded soldiers to transport off the eastern edge of the table, however, they would win if a minimum of two left the table edge before being destroyed or captured. With such an open table the jumping off points clustered at the opposite table edges.

Moving quick to ty to secure the eastern flank the Germans deployed a section along with support from an IeG18 infantry gun. 

They also deployed the remaining two other sections on their right flank, covered their advance with smoke grenades in an effort to reach the Soviet jumping off points and close them down. 

Meanwhile, the Soviets deployed two sections, one of which was much reduced from the previous scenario's fighting. The sections covered one of the carts as it trundled its way towards the edge of the table. 

At such a long range the infantry fire was not as affective as the defenders would have liked, but they did cause some casualties and shock. 

The German return fire from their LMGs and the infantry gun was more effective and began to take effect.

But it couldn't last and the Soviets began whittling down the attackers.

Taking overwhelming losses the German section broke and fell back. 

Things were going better on the German's right flank where they had routed a Soviet section and were making good headway towards the Jumping off points. 

Turing a second section against the infantry and carts, the Germans continued laying down a heavy fire. 

Just as the attackers on the right were about to capture the jumping off points a Soviet 45mm gun deployed, blocking their passage. Even with the grenade attack the Germans lost a round of close assault to the crew and were bounced back!

At this point the Germans had pretty much lost two sections and were blunted as a fighting force. They began withdrawing from the table, to allow the Soviets to continue the evacuation...

This campaign has proven to be topsy-turvy with no clear winner so far, in the next encounter the Soviets have a fresh platoon to take the place of the now, completely, battered one, yet the Germans must struggle on with their reduced numbers! Both still have everything to play for... 
As before, I filmed this game, you can watch the video AAR here:


  1. This campaign has such open maps, it plays like no other. I would have thought that the carts should deploy from the road like any other vehicle. Is there something in the campaign that override this rule?

    1. Yeah, the patrol phase is so strange with such open maps. No, the carts specifically deploy from a JoP, it's in the scenario notes.


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