Chain of Command Kursk PSC Scenario 4: Hold the Line

Continuing the Storming the Citadel Kursk campaign for Chain of Command, the Germans had been victorious in the previous attack with the help of a Tiger tank. This time their target was the small village of Butovo, a rural place broken up with fence lines and trees. Bringing forward another Platoon which was down by 5 men they had support from a Marder III tank destroyer. Added to this they had an adjutant to help get the force to deploy. 

The Soviets were in possession of the village and armed themselves with a 45mm AT gun and an AT rifle as they knew German armour to be in the area. Soviet reinforcements had not yet arrived and their platoon was pretty understrength having been reorganised into three sections. 

Taking advantage of the forward Jumping off points German infantry began pushing forward with the support of the Marder, looking for juicy targets. 

It wasn't long before the defenders made themselves known and a section appeared behind the fence line to start firing at the advancing Germans.   

Meanwhile the German senior leader arrived to take charge of the situation and ordered the Marder to advance along with the right flank section. 

But as they were doing so another two Soviet sections took up positions at the fences.

Caught in the open the Soviet fire tore into the German section.

Just as the Soviets wheeled their 45mm gun into position to trade blows with the Marder. 

A German LMG team had managed to crawl forward to the edge of the village and laid down heavy fire on the 45mm gun, almost wiping it out before it had a chance to fire. However, it managed to get off a shot and caused shock on the Marder. Meanwhile the German section on the right began falling back behind the fence line for protection. 

Another few rounds of firing occurred with the 45mm gun being destroyed leaving the Soviets with only the AT rifle as a viable option against the Marder. With this in mind and knowing the platoon had to fight one more scenario before reinforcements, the Soviets began falling back off the field, leaving the village in German hands. 

Although the Soviets could have remained to try and cause as many casualties on the German platoon as possible, they were aware that the next scenario would be difficult if they lost more men themselves. It was enough to give the Germans a bloody nose and then escape before the balance tipped. This turned out to be a good and interesting fight and I also filmed he encounter, which you can watch here:


  1. A nice little after action report and a very good looking game. I really should have a go at chain of command in 15mm too.

    1. Cheers Jim, CoC works perfectly in 15mm, the table feels like you have space to manoeuvre, even though the movement rates and such haven't changed.

  2. Great video- really enjoyed watching it.



    1. Cheers Pete, I am glad you enjoyed the AAR. It was a good game!

  3. A very interesting battle. It is what I like about campaign games, having to think about the next battle

    1. Than you, yeah, you can't lose too much of your strength in one battle as it puts you on the back foot for the next.


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