Chain of Command Kursk PSC Scenario 3: Panzer Marsch!

Continuing the Chain of Command pint-sized campaign Storming the Citadel I began scenario three, Panzer Marsch! The Soviets had already beaten the Germans twice in scenario one and two, could they make it a hattrick? This scenario was set on the 5th of July, the day of the actual attack which meant that the Germans had a large amount of support...

The attack was on a small rural village, as with the previous scenarios, the terrain was pretty open with not many places to hide. The Soviets had a preparatory bombardment which meant it was going to be harder for the Germans to deploy until the first turn ended. However, the Germans had managed to push two of their Jumping Off Points quite far forward whilst keeping the Soviets quite far back. The Soviets also had two minefields due to winning the previous scenarios and they placed these at the entrance to village to ensure the Germans would be forced to tackle them with mine clearance teams or move around them.  

The Germans decided to use their third and fresh platoon, as the other two had taken casualties and would be understrength. Both sides rolled for their support options and the Germans were able to bring a Tiger tank and a flamethrower along with an extra Senior Leader. The Soviets knew their would be armour in the area so brought two 76.2mm Zis-3 anti-tank guns. Gaining the advantage immediately, the Soviets deployed one of their AT guns to cover the village entrance and watch for any German armour. The attached junior leader placed the gun on overwatch.

With some good dice rolls the Germans were able to end the turn and the preparatory bombardment ended meaning it was now easier for them to bring on their first section and the Tiger to face off against the AT gun. 

The good armour of the Tiger meant that it was best placed to try to pacify the AT threat. 

Taking fire from both the Tiger and the section meant that the AT gun was almost immediately neutralised and the attached Junior Leader was wounded! 

However, the Soviets had another trick up their sleeve and deployed another AT gun along with a section. Despite the Tiger's armour bouncing the shot off, the Soviet SAA fire caused casualties and shock on the opposing German section. 

Things suddenly heated up for the Soviets though as the Germans used a Chain of Command dice to ambush with their flamethrower team on the flank. This caused more Soviet casualties and shock and the Germans took the opportunity to clear off again!

On the other flank the Soviet infantry fire managed to break the German section, but their own casualties and shock were mounting up from the Tiger fire!

A fresh German section arrived, poured fire into the Soviets, breaking their section, wiping out the AT gun teams and collapsing their morale! The Soviets began falling back and exiting the field with a German victory.

Despite the previous two scenarios going the way of the Soviets, this was a complete reversal of fortune for the Germans. They took some casualties from one of the sections, but on the whole they were still fighting fit. The flamethrower appearing on the flank was a bold move, but caused consternation and casualties amongst the Soviets, however the man of the match was the Tiger which managed to help neutralise the two AT guns and the section. It's such a pity that they cost so much in support points!

This game was also filmed and you can watch the video AAR here:


  1. Once again an excellent game play👍 those German forces gave the ruskies a hammering 🔨 know they can move on to Moscow, Stalingrad and beyond (quote from Cross of Iron) 😁 the tiger and the flamethrower really did some damage🤔 keep on throwing them dice👍🤓

  2. Great game report- I liked the narrative- gusty move by the Flammenwerfer. I'll look forward to watching the video.



    1. Cheers Pete, this was a good scenario and nice to see the Germans get the upper hand from the previous two hammerings they took. It balanced things out a bit.


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