Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps

For Christmas, my fantastic wife bought me a copy of the Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps boardgame. As Aliens is one of the best science-fiction films ever made this game was top of my want list. The first thing I did was paint the figures in the box, which includes a set of seven marines and civilians, including Ripley and Newt. 

You also get 16 Aliens in the set and they are lovely models. These were also painted and here they are:

I also went further and bought some of the expansions, including 'Get Away From Her, You Bitch!', which includes the Queen Alien:

It also includes an enraged Ripley figure and Ripley in the Power Loader. 

I also picked up the Assets and Hazards extras, which include face huggers, alien eggs and sentry guns along with some computer terminals and boxes. I went back and repainted the sentry guns as I didn't like how I originally painted them in this picture. 

And finally, I got hold of the Ultimate Badasses box set, which finished off the Marine squad with these five figures. 

The ultimate Bad asses box also had Burke and I painted him along with the two version of Bishop from the Get Away from Her... box set. And that was everything painted!

Also, I made a couple of videos about the game, you can see a box opening of the core set and expansions, also a painting guide to both the Marines and Aliens all below: 


  1. Lovely looking collection there.



    1. Cheers Pete, it was fun to paint and I'm happy with the end result.

  2. "Every meal is a banquet, every formation is a parade!"


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