M10 Tank Destroyers in 15mm

With my slow build up of forces for Italy, I wanted to add some support for the British infantry. Looking on the Chain of Command force support lists I saw that there was some M10s mentioned. I've always liked the tank destroyers, more so than most of the other Allied armour, so buying a set was not a stretch for me...

These are from Battlefront and come as a four tank platoon, with British crew. I wanted to make them as useful as possible for my needs and split them into two different types. One was the 17pdr version and the other two as the 3" version. Both of these were designated as the Achilles, but this name was not used by soldiers during the war, apparently...

As with all Battlefront kits, these were very nice to build, really easy and with online instructions they went together in no time. Painting was simple, I did a base coat of Vallejo's Bronze Green, washed with Agrax Earthshade and then drybrushed with Russian Uniform. I also added stowage just to break up the tone and shape of the vehicles. 

 I've always liked the tank destroyers/hunters of the Second World War, so it is nice to add some to the Allied collection. I also made a video about the building and painting process for these vehicles, you can watch it here:


  1. Very nice. I've always liked an M10 too. I assume these are plastic? I've got some of the older BF resin and metal ones.

    1. Cheer Martin, yep these are plastic and are a really nice build.

  2. Great work- liked the video too.




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