Bulging Coc: Chain of Command Solo Christmas Special

As it is Christmas, I thought I'd play a special game of Chain of Command set during the festive period and what better battle to recreate than Christmas day during the Battle of the Bulge? Unfortunately, I don't have snow themed scenery, but I do have a white cloth, which stood in nicely for the snow covered fields during the last German assault in the west in 1944. Here the Germans were attacking an American position on the edge of a small village. Both had a platoon, the Germans brought a StuG as their support, along with a medical orderly, the Americans countered the armour with a 57mm AT gun. 

The Germans advanced aggressively, deploying a section on the right... 

And a second on the left flank. Both were placed on overwatch in case there was any movement from the village.

They were then able to deploy their third section and bring on the StuG in support, so far no Americans had shown themselves. 

However, it was quiet, too quiet and suddenly two American sections lined the fences on the edge of town!

Using the hedgerows to push forward the German advance was still going unopposed in the centre. 

And led by their platoon Unterfeldwebel the left flank section moved to take up positions.

Gaining possession of the hedgerows the German infantry were in a position to begin laying fire down on the US soldiers. 

Unfortunately for them, the Americans were quick off the mark and began causing shock from their fire on the forward German units. 

The Americans deployed their 57mm AT gun and popped away at the StuG to no avail, they took hits themselves and the Lieutenant was injured in the exchange of fire.

More heavy American fire was slowly whittling down the German centre.

Even an intervention by the Unterfeldwebel failed to rally the men and he was hit in the cross fire as well!

After eliminating the 57mm gun with rifle and HE fire the StuG was able to advance on the village.

The Americans still had an ace up their sleeve in the shape of a bazooka team. They moved forward into position, but despite firing several times failed to hit the StuG!

After laying down heavy HE and small arms fire the American Lieutenant was killed, the bazooka team wiped out and many infantry were killed. 

With no anti-tank capabilities left the Americans began pulling out of the position. Despite getting bogged down in a protracted firefight the Germans had won the day, but not without loss. The men would celebrate their victory with a roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings! I also filmed this encounter and the video can be seen here:


  1. You said you also filmed the roast turkey encounter where is it? LOL!

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Neil! Glad you enjoyed it!

    2. Good stuff, I enjoyed that. I look forward to watching the video...maybe while digesting my Christmas dinner.

    3. Cheers Lee, I hope you enjoy the video, I think it's better than the Queens speech anyway...


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