A Roman Stable Block in 15mm

I've been working slowly on my Italian campaign project for the Second World War. The good thing is that I have most of the Axis forces already in my German collection and I have recently completed some Late War British infantry and supports. Added to this are enough Americans and a hand full of Indians that can also be used. However, I don't really have any suitable buildings for the Mediterranean theatre. Having a look around I saw that Warbases sell some cheap and cheerful 'Roman' MDF buildings, so I took a punt on the stable block.

I also bought some HO scale pantiles by Wills to replace the embossed roof that came with the original kit. These are plastic and very easy to work with and I put them on top of the original roof. I also watched Tabletop CP's video tutorial on pantile buildings (watch it HERE) and used pollyfilla to create a plaster wall effect. I also added an embossed plasticard base to the building. 

The walls were painted in a tan colour, inkwashed with Seraphim Sepia, then drybrushed with Iraqui Sand and finally Stone Grey. I added tide marks with some weathering powders and that was the main part completed. 

I bought some spray red primer for the roof, but whilst I waited for it to arrive I added foliage to the building, just to look like creepers and vines growing up the walls and also to break up the shape a little. 

Then the red primer arrived so I was able to finish the roof. I weathered this with Agrax Earthshade and the Grime Flory clay wash. I added more foliage and tufts to the roof to make it look like it hadn't been maintained for a while and it was finished:

It is versatile enough to be useful in the Mediterranean theatre, but can be used as a Romano-British building for Infamy, Infamy, and I was pleased with how it had turned out. So I ordered some more... I also made a video to go with this build to show you the techniques I used, have a watch here:


  1. The roof is much improved by adding the plasticard. Nice tip on painting it too.



    1. Cheers Pete, yeah the tiles really make difference, especially as you see the roof first during a game!


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