15mm Roman Villa

Along with the Roman stables building that I bought from Warbases recently I wanted to start fleshing out my Italian theatre scenery options. Looking through their catalogue I saw the Roman villa. This would easily fit in as a rural farm building or taverna in a village.

As with the stables, I added some Wills Models pantiles to upgrade the roof and give it a more 3D feel. The rest of the building was rendered using pollyfilla.

The building was glued to a base made from plasticard and I added some vines and foliage that are common on these kind of buildings. 

I didn't glue the roofs in place so I can remove them for gaming purposes. This is a nice little model and will also be useful for a Romano-British Villa for use in Infamy, Infamy. I like these Warbases kits and will be buying more in future. 

I also made a short video of the building, you can watch that here:

And finally, I made a video about the processes I went through to build these buildings and that can be seen here:


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