Chain of Command: Malaya Pint-Sized Campaign Scenario 7: Attack on an Objective

Having failed to capture the river crossing in the previous scenario, the Japanese reorganised themselves and sent in a fresh platoon against the position. Their support options included the Ha-Go tank again and a Ruse, they dropped the bombardment this time. The Australians were only able to draw support from a third section.

Using the ruse, the Japanese stormed into the village once again, immediately capturing an Australian jumping off point. 

Without the bombardment falling the defenders were able to deploy three sections on to the table. Knowing they had to act aggressively, they piled all three in to the Japanese section in a close assault in an attempt to shift them off the jumping off point. 

But the dice were against them, the Japanese held their ground, killing more of the attackers than themselves and what remained of the Australians bounced back across the river! The gamble had failed!

Another Japanese section quickly deployed in the village centre and had the battered defenders in their sights...

Rifle fire and machine gun fire cut down the surviving Australians, killing and wounding their leaders, the morale collapsed and the Japanese secured a quick victory!

It was all over! The Japanese held the position and won the scenario and the campaign! The battered Australians made their way south to Singapore Island. As a result, it was probably inevitable that the Japanese would win, given their ability to be able to swap in a new platoon each game, meaning that every casualty they caused on the defenders allowed them to increasingly outnumber them. Despite this, the Australians put up an incredibly stiff resistance, and made a formidable opponent in every scenario. I'd like to try this campaign again, maybe against a human opponent, to see if different choices are made, but for now, I really enjoyed playing this solo. Also, you can watch the video AAR of this scenario here:


  1. A very violent end to the campaign... I do wonder if the Australians would have been better to try and shoot that first section of Japanese away... no risk of casualties in their turn and the return fire would have been spilt further....



    1. Yeah possibly, but at that point it was the second game of the day and I probably wasn't thinking straight... LOL. I was just going with the previous games and sometimes shooting not being hugely effective with the small Australians sections.

    2. Fair point- either way a three section charge is a heroic way to end things....




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