British Late War Heavy Support Weapons

To go with my latest Late War British project, I decided they needed some support weapons. The Plastic Soldier Company 15mm heavy weapons box is perfect for this. It gives you plenty of support options for various levels of gaming. There are four 4" Mortars. 

Along with those are four 3" mortars. 

Machine gun support is provided by four Vickers HMGs. 

And interestingly, there are four flamethrowers!

As I said, this is a nice mix, the larger mortars are probably beyond table use for Chain of Command and IABSM, but will be useful in games of Rapid Fire!, but the Vickers and MMGs are incredibly useful for my other needs. 

 Altogether this is a great set and well worth picking up. I also completed the rest of the British infantry box and you can see a video on one of the platoons and a tutorial on painting these figures quickly for the table top, check them both out below:


  1. Very nice- all the support you'd need for an Infantry bttn really aside from the AT guns.



    1. Cheers Pete, yeah it's a lot of support, and most of it probably won't be used on the table. But I'm a bit of a completist, sometimes...

  2. They look great! I love PSC but since I'm mostly gearing towards Chain of Command, there are many bits I would never use, so I went with Peter Pig and 3D printing for my support options.

    1. Cheers buddy, yeah PSC can give you too many options sometimes! But I will be able to use these in other games anyway.


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