PSC's German Sdkfz.231s in 15mm

Along with the Raupenschlepper Osts that I recently bought from Plastic Soldier Company, I also got myself some Sdkfz.231s, the eight wheeled recce vehicles. I've always liked the 8-Rads for their futuristic look. The PSC box allowed you to build five vehicles with four variants and I went or two late-war 75mm support gun versions. 

I gave them the basic camo paint of green over dark yellow and added stowage to give them a bit of interest. 

For the other three vehicles, I went early war and did two as the bog-standard 231 and the final one as a radio car as I've always liked the big aerial that they carry.

These also had stowage added and I used some decals that I had in my bits box. 

Not only that, but I filmed the building and painting process of these models and you can watch this here:


  1. They look good- decent value getting 5 in a box too.

    Always found the combat oreintated approach to recce of the Germans interesting whhen compared to everyone else.



    1. Cheers Pete, yeah the biggest problem with PSC is choosing the variant to build, which definitely isn't a problem... They had some very aggressive recce tactics, that's for sure!

  2. Beautiful vehicles, nice details!

    1. Cheers Phil, these are excellent models and were great fun to build.


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