The Crazy Romans and Terrain for Infamy, Infamy!

With my Gauls for Infamy, Infamy now completed, I needed someone for them to bash. I bought some Forged in Battle Early Imperial Romans but wasn't very keen on them. They are a little small and they don't have many poses. I ordered some Blue Moon ones instead, but they are currently on their way from the US and I am still waiting for them. I wanted to get started and at least have a game (which I did read the AAR here), so I painted the FiB figures for this purpose.

15mm Early Imperial Romans by Forged in Battle

There was enough to make two groups of Legionaries and one group of Veteran Legionaries (with a Centurion and Optio by Blue Moon). To take the force up to 100 points (or more accurately, 99 points), I added a group of 8 Auxilia. These are by Blue Moon and by my reckoning much nicer figures than the FiB, but that's just my taste.

15mm Early Imperial Roman Axulia

So the entire force is 99 points in Infamy, Infamy, which allows me to add a scouting group to take it up to 100 points. and although they are Early Imperial soldiers, by which time all of Gaul was conquered, I am using these as they are the ones in the Asterix comics.

Early Imperial Romans for Infamy, Infamy!

Speaking of which, I also took delivery of Obelix and his Menhir quarry. This was a nice little set from France, and all I did was put them on a base, add some static grass and give the stones a wash. This will be used as an habitation area, or an ambush point.

Obelix and his menhir quarry

Adding further habitation to the board is this Iron Age village which I bought from Hovels. This came as a set, but I added the pig sty to finish it off. I mounted it on a 9" square base and am very pleased with how it turned out. 

An Iron Age Village in 15mm by Hovels

I painted it very simply, with a Black undercoat, followed by a Khaki Grey drybrush, Stone Grey drybrush over that and finally a lighter drybrush of Silver Grey (all by Vallejo).

The rear three quarters of the village

The base was made up using Vallejo's earth texture paste, with static grass and tufts added when it was all dry. Also, to bend the wattle fences, I put the pieces in boiling water for a couple of minutes, then bent them into shape.

A rear view of the Iron Age village

Again, this is not strictly historical for Gaul as it is a British style village, but it reminds me of Castell Henllys where I did some of my first archaeological work back in 2001, so I had to include it on my table top! Also, I made a video with a bit of discussion of all of these and you can see this here:


  1. Very nice- the Blue Moon figures look particularly good.



    1. Cheers Pete, yep, they are really nice figures.

  2. Fabulous stuff mate


  3. Nice work. I've not heard of Blue Moon Figures before...I'll have to check out their stuff.

    1. Cheers, they are distributed by Old Glory in the UK and are very nice figures.


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