Obelix and Co. An Infamy, Infamy! AAR

Following on from the previous failure of Centurion Armisurplus to burn the Gauls out of their village, he was sent back out to try again to conquer all of Gaul...

The indomitable Gaulish village

Deciding to take the softly, softly approach to community policing, the Bully Boy squad was dispatched to engage the local population and tell them the good news. 

Roman Auxilia begin their patrol

Meanwhile,  Armisurplus and his grizzled veterans began their advance on the village.

The Roman Legionaries advance on the village

It wasn't long before a tribal levy made their presence known.

Gaulish tribal levy make some noise

The Bully Boy squad approached and engaged in tribal relations with an attempt to pacify the mob. It wasn't enough to disperse the crowd though. 

The crowd are engaged in community Policing

Meanwhile, local youths armed with rocks bombarded the riot squad, luckily they were wearing riot armour. 

Gaulish slingers cause some casualties

Then all of a sudden, Asterix and Obelix led an ambush! It was about time that those two had an ASBO placed on them!

The Gauls attack led by Asterix and Obelix!

Taken unawares, the rear units of the community riot police force was pushed back, whilst the others turned to face the threat.

The Roman formation is broken up by the Gaul attack!

Things didn't go well for the Gauls, Asterix and his men were thrown back in the face of the Roman veterans!

The Veterans throw the Gauls back!

But the Auxilia were being pushed back by the levy. 

The Auxilia and Levy continue their fight

At this point, the game could have swung either way!

Obelix and his men bash some Romans!

But, hopped up on Magic Potion, Oblex and Co. set about the Legionaries and sent them packing.

More Romans are scattered

Then they turned their attention to the Roman veterans who were soon bashed into next week...

Obelix and his gang chase off the rest of the Romans

With the Gauls bearing down on the remaining Romans, the game was over, Roman morale collapsed and the Gauls had saved the village again!

The Romans are defeated again!

Another great game of Infamy, Infamy! This one was a bit closer than the previous game, the Gauls didn't have such an easy ride once the Romans were able to face them. The ambush points really show the importance of the Romans using scouts to close them down quickly. 

I also filmed this game and you can watch the AAR here:


  1. That looks rather good fun. I like the idea of the Gauls being able to spring out on ambush.



    1. Cheers, yep, that's one of the barbarian's key features. It really pays to scout out the positions if you are playing as the Romans.

  2. A great looking game. I'm very tempted by these rules.

    1. Cheers Buddy, the are good fun and I intend on playing a few more games in the future with them with my mates as well as solo.


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