Asterix and the Big Fight

The year is 50 BC. Gaul is entirely occupied by the Romans. Well, not entirely... One small village of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invaders. And life is not easy for the Roman legionaries who garrison the fortified camps of Totorum, Aquarium, Laudanum and Compendium...

Asterix's village is the last part of Gaul to be conquered

Having completed the Roman and Gauls for my 15mm Infamy, Infamy project I thought it was time to try them out! Using I Would Like To Rage's table generator (click here) I set up the table above. A Roman force under the leadership of Centurion Armisurplus (Level III) and his Optio Giveusabonus (Level II) headed out from Camp Compendium to finally crush the indomitable Gauls. He led a force of one group of Legionary Veterans, two groups of Legionaries and a group of Auxilia with their own Supra Numerum leader. Their plan was to advance on the village and burn it down, completing the conquest of Gaul!

The Romans arrive to attack the Gauls

As the Centurion and his men advanced in formation towards the village, a group of tribal levy appeared on their right flank. These were no issue for the toughened Roman warriors.

Gaulish levy appear on the flanks

Besides, they were too far away to make any impact. Caesar's men would not be stopped in their task!

They are no issue to the veterans

To deal with the levy, the Auxilia deployed on the left and threatened their flank in turn.

Auxilia get ready to ward off the threat

Meanwhile, more wily Gauls appeared and this time it was slingers, unloading their shot on the heavily armoured soldiers. 

Gaulish slingers fire their missiles

Over egging their pudding, the Auxilia launched a cloud of pila at the levy then charged forward but were unable to close the gap.

The levy are under attack from Roman pila

Given the breathing space, the Gaulish levy turned in place...

The levy turn in place

And piled headlong into the Auxilia!

and smash into the Auxilia

A ferocious fight ensued and many casualties were caused...

A massive brawl starts

And both sides pulled back to refresh, the first fight had no real result. 

Both groups take casualties

However, the main body of Gauls had been in the village drinking the magic potion brewed up by Getafix. Hopped up on the stuff, Asterix (Level III) and Obelix (Level II) led an ambush straight into the flank of the Romans! By Toutatis! 

Asterix piles into the Legionaries

The Optio Giveusabonus was knocked out, whilst Centurion Armisurplus ran with his men to get away from the powerful Gauls! Another group of Legionairies was completely smashed under the onslaught. 

The beating from the Gauls is too much and the centurion flees!

On the flank, more fighting began between the tribal levy and the Auxilia.

The levy go into battle once more!

Even though the levy had missed out on the magic potion, they were still able to send the Romans fleeing!

Seeing the Romans off

The remaining Roman group of Legionaries turned and braced themselves for a fresh Gaulish assault!

The Romans are attacked again

They held firm against the first attack, but then the elite warriors, led by Asterix, piled in.

Then the elite warriors take a turn to pummel the remaining Romans

With this unit disappearing under the weight of the blows.  

The Gauls are victorious!

Although the Roman force morale had not collapsed completely, I ended the game there as it was going to be difficult to pull it back. The Romans made their way back to Camp Compendium, with Armisurplus being sent back to Rome to explain to Caesar himself why all of Gaul was not conquered. Meanwhile, the Gauls celebrated with a feast of roast boar and no singing from Cacofonix! 

A Gaulish feast is served!

So, with my first game in the bag, I can definitely say that I really enjoyed Infamy, Infamy. The rules were simple enough, although I do need to read them through a few more times. This was my first time with a set of Ancients rules for a long time and although a lot of stuff carried over from other Lardy games that I have played there was a lot of new stuff in there to make them very different. As this was a try out, I didn't make a video, however, there will be AARs coming soon!

However, I did also make the longest video I have ever recorded last weekend for the Virtual Lard 2 online event. I joined a game of Chain of Command set in Romania, you can watch the full four hour AAR here: 


  1. Excellent! Good to see the indomitable Gauls being exceedingly indomitable!

    1. Cheers Andy! They really did beat the tar out of the Romans this time...

  2. Great write up! Your table and figs look great, and the action was fun to follow.
    I'm just starting my dive into Infamy2 and articles like this really help. Looking forward to hearing more about the vengeful return of Armisurplus!
    Paul of the Man Cave

    1. Cheers buddy, I am glad you enjoyed the game. I did too! Armisurplus has been packed of to Dacia for his failure, but has been replaced with Centurion Crismus Bonus, currently attacking the village again. This game is currently being filmed, so I will be able to explain some of the basic rules as it goes along.

  3. Looks great- will be sure to give the video a watch too.



  4. What size table did you use for the 15 mm game?

  5. Great pics and narrative good sir - which size are your trays and where am I to find them? Interested in starting a similar project in 15mm and any help is much appreciated

  6. Great pics and narrative good sir - which size are your trays and where am I to find them? Interested in starting a similar project in 15mm and any help is much appreciated


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