Two Legs Bad, Four Legs Good

Another lump has been mined out of the lead mountain recently. A while ago I bought a load of farmyard animals from Museum Miniatures, these were originally going to be used in a Viking raiding game as objectives. This is still on the back burner, but I also want to use them for details on other boards as well. The lockdown allowed me to get them finished and here they are:

15mm scale farmyard animals by Museum Miniatures
The animals are really nice and well sculpted and will add some detail to my game board. I was told by Per of RollaOne that the official name for these are Immersion Markers. I have changed my vocabulary accordingly.

15mm farm animals

15mm wildlife to add interest to a wargaming table

I was able to paint up the samples of scatter terrain that I was sent by Sabotag3d along with some 3D printed movement bases. These included some more barrels, milk churns, bins and a concrete telegraph pole. 

3D printed 15mm scatter terrain by Sabotag3d

Also, another quick finish was this Zvezda Zis-5 truck. a friend had given me this a long time ago and it had got pushed to the bottom of the pile, so I pulled it out and quickly put it together. Another nice little kit and another little bit of the mountain completed!

a 15mm scale Zis-5 Truck

So, I am slowly chipping away at the mountain, these are just some of the random bits and pieces I have, but completing them makes the pile of stuff I have left more manageable. Over on the Storm of Steel Wargaming channel, I recently put out two new videos, an AAR of Chain of Command set in Stalingrad and the Soviet forces I use for Stalingrad games. You can watch both of them below (and please subscribe!):


  1. Very nice- always useful to have bits like that to dress the table with.



    1. Cheers Pete, yep they make the table look a lot more interesting!

  2. Well done on chipping at the mountain, particularly the farm animals. I had some Irregular goats for years (intended for Ancient camps) and they just stared up at me accusingly waiting to be painted.

    1. Cheers Martin, I am slowly reducing the pile and am trying not to buy too much new stuff to add to it. It's hard, but I think of the money I'm saving... Animals are not particularly exciting, but having painted them and used them in games, I can attest that it's worthwhile.

    2. I did get around to finishing the goats eventually, I did them at the same time as a mule mounted maxim gun which I found lying around. I seem to have quite a collection of pack mules now.

      Yesterday I got as far as looking in the box with my unpainted Baccus ACW armies in. Then I shut the lid again..


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