Judge Down at June Cash: A Judge Dredd Solo AAR

One night while waiting for a video to export, I sat down for a quick bash of the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game by Warlord. Despite having it for ages, I have not had a chance to try it out until now. I set up two street Judges versus a Juve gang of four, one leader, one heavy and two punks. 

Car crash on skedway, Judges on route. Perps possibly armed.

The Juves jump out of the wrecked speeder at June Cash Boulevard and two flee on foot to escape the inevitable Judges

Run for it! the Js are coming!

A Judge barks an order to cease and desist, but it is ignored!

Freeze Punk!

Drokk You, Judge! A Juve opens fire with his spit gun.

Brap, brap, brap goes the spit gun!

A second Juve begins opening up on the Judge...

Two Juves take shots at the law!

Meanwhile, the other two Juves take on the second Judge, using cover to lay down fire.

The Law can kiss my Grud!

One Juve works his way behind the injured Judge and starts blasting down the alleyway!

A Judge is pinned by fire from a Juve with a spit gun!

But the Law has the upper hand as a Juve bites the dust with fire from an aimed Lawgiver...

Eat dust!

Judge down!

A Judge takes a hit and is knocked to the floor, the Juve has just gained himself life in the cubes

But vengeance is swift as the second Judge takes down the final Juve and calls in control to get a meat wagon to June Cash Boulevard asap.

The Law delivers the final blow!

All in all, a fun game and a good introduction to the rules for me. I didn't use the Armoury or Big Meg cards, simply because I forgot! But I also wanted to get a grip with the basic game mechanics in the first bash. it works well, although it became a bit of a slug-fest towards the end when I was down to my last two characters blasting away at one another. It did slip my mind that the Judges can pin perps by also shouting at them, had I used that tactic, it may have ended a bit quicker, also the use of the cards adds a bit more of a random element to the game, which also may have changed the ending. My interest in Judge Dredd lies in the day-to-day actions of the Judges, patrolling the streets, issuing speeding tickets, stopping muggers and a thousand and one other minor and mundane crimes. How you represent these in the game without it just becoming a skirmish with Judge helmets, I am not sure. I know there are rules out there for similar systems, Pulp Alley, for example, so I am going to have a look at those and see if I can meld the two together. Stay tuned for more in the future, creeps!

Also, over on the Storm of Steel Youtube channel, I didn't play another solo wargame last weekend, instead here is a new video on the Battle of Kuantan, fought between December 1941 and January 1942 between elements of the Indian III Corps and the Imperial Japanese Army. Check it out here and if you liked it, please subscribe!


  1. Great game report. I too have an interest in the the low level stuff, as you have probably gathered, always tricky to put less than lethal stuff into games. There are a few things out there I've found for riots and what have you but nothing much for general policing. I can send you some links if you like?



    1. Cheers Pete, yeah it can be hard as most mechanics are the same as firing a gun or assaulting someone, with just a different name. Yes, please, I'd like to see the links, they may give me a few ideas.

    2. Have a look at these two games:



      Should cover the investigative side as well as civil disorder too.



  2. Interesting and perhaps not surprising that you find the game looks good but needs more compelling scenarios to make you want to play it. I am feeling the same way about it so appreciate the links. Hopefully there will be some good missions developed that take advantage of specific character traits in this game.


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