Blücher Solo AAR: Waterloo 1815

Whilst the great lockdown of 2020 rolls on, I decided to continue my series of solo wargaming video demonstrations. These are proving quite popular and I ran a poll on Twitter to see what people would like me to play next and the clear winner was the Battle of Waterloo in 6mm. First of all, here is the video AAR, but below that are photos that I took as the game progressed and posted on Twitter. I've gathered them here so they are all in one place, I hope you enjoy!

The board, French on the left, Allied on the right

Looking across the field from behind the French Imperial Guard and Napoleon's position at La Belle Alliance

Old Nosey surveys the French as they assemble

In the opening moves French infantry begin their assault on Hougoumont

Whilst the rest of I Corps begin their advance across the field towards the Allied ridge

Hougoumont falls immediately! 

Nassau troops open fire on the advancing French infantry

French and British cavalry clash at Papelotte on the Allied left flank

The French cavalry are driven off!

Looking across the field from behind the Allied lines

The Grand Battery opens fire on the units on the ridge line

French I Corps continue their advance on the left flank

Allied soldiers take casualties from the Grand Battery fire

Wellington personally commands the British and Dutch cavalry to charge into the French infantry

The British cavalry bounce off, but have caused casualties on the unprepared French infantry

The Allied rear areas

Allied muskets fire at the French infantry

French infantry return fire

Whilst VI Corps attack La Haye Sainte

But the attack is repulsed and the French infantry retreat

French infantry are caught in the open by British heavy cavalry

Whilst more Allied cavalry attack the French infantry and smash holes in their lines
Meanwhile French infantry commanded by Ney attack the Allied ridge on their left flank
The Allied cavalry bounce off again, but leave damaged French units behind
Whilst the Allied infantry hold on against the assault on the left
And pour on musket fire!
Another cavalry charge drives into the unprepared French infantry again!
The time is right for the Guard to begin their attack!
French infantry assault the Allied left flank again and tear a hole in the line!

The Allied infantry on the right flank are threatened by French cavalry
As a counter attack on the left attempts to drive the French off the ridge once more

The Nassau stabilise the line
Wellington urges his men to hold on at all costs!
But it is no good as another French infantry and cavalry assault carries the ridge line!
The Allied left flank crumbles in the face of the French onslaught
A final attempt to break the French cavalry on the right with musket fire has moderate success
Whilst Wellington urges his reserves forward to plug the gaps on the left
A British light cavalry unit attacks the French gun line
Driving off a battery and opening a gap in the French artillery
it's too late though as the Young Guard are at the gates of La Haye Sainte
And Cuiassiers drive into unprepared British infantry
La Haye Sainte is captured by the Guard and the seem unstoppable
A counter attack by Nassau troops to capture La Haye Sainte is a failure
Meanwhile a French brigade is destroyed in square by a heavy cavalry charge
British infantry attempt to destroy more French cavalry with their muskets
And the game is over in French victory
The Allied line is wrecked and the Guard are driving forward, even a Prussian intervention now wouldn't be able to help

The game ended on turn 16 with a French victory, just as the Prussians would have historically been coming onto the field. With the Allied line in pieces and many fresh French units still they probably would have seen off any further attacks on their flank.