These Romans Are Crazy!

When I began painting my new Gauls, I needed some Romans for them to bash. So, I also bought some of Warlord's Roman Veterans. These are nice figures, with twenty in the box. I made the first ten and painted them. 

As with my Gauls, I took all my references for painting from Asterix. In bad news, Albert Uderzo died recently, so I am glad I was able to do a little tribute to the man who more than anyone else fired my interest in history and archaeology. 

The shield designs that come with the Warlord box set are red and I needed blue ones, a quick search online and I found Little Big Men Studios, who does some excellent decals.

The bases are from Sabotag3d and although they are billed as 25mm sabots, I noticed they were slightly smaller and I mounted my figures on 10p pieces which fit perfectly. It makes them a bit more expensive than the 2p mounted Gauls, but not much more and it means I have a load of change ready for when the balloon goes due to Corona Virus. 

Speaking of which, I recently wrote a blog post on solo wargaming whilst the UK (and other countries) are in lockdown. Have a read of this post HERE. I also made a video to accompany the post, and a video of a game of Chain of Command that I played solo and put some of my own suggestions into action. Check these two out below:


  1. Great looking (crazy) Romans!

    1. Thanks Phil, I hope they are going to get bashed!

  2. Stunning work- nice and colourful.




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