The Battle of Ors 1918, A Solo Square Bashing AAR Video

With the UK still in lockdown over the long Easter weekend, I played another solo wargame. This was the Battle of Ors re-fought using Square Bashing. We had played this scenario previously on the 100th anniversary pf the battle and you can read the after action report of that particular game HERE. However, the solo version was filmed and you can watch this below. Also below that are photos of the game which I took and posted on Twitter. I hope you enjoy both and if so, please subscribe to the channel!

British infantry prepare to cross the canal

Caught in a barrage!

British infantry prepare to assault Catillon

More artillery causes huge casualties

Germans in Ors survive the British barrage

The British assault into Ors

Landrecies is assaulted

More accurate German artillery

Another failed attempt to capture Ors

British infantry storm into Landrecies

A Bristol Fighter attacks from the sun!

German MGs are caught in artillery and infantry assault

German ground attack aircraft dive down

Catillon falls!

La Folie is captured!

Another attack on Ors begins

A German creeping barrage causes damage to the British support units

Ors finally falls!

Game ends with a major British victory