It's All Greek To Me, A Ronin Greek Myth AAR

A long time ago, before the Cronovirus lockdown hit the UK, we played our last game of face to face gaming. This was a week before movement was restricted and gatherings were no longer allowed. But we met at Ninjasaurus' house for a game of his Greek Myths project that he has been working on for several decades. It's only about 20 figures, so just imagine how long it would take him to paint a Napoleonic army... Anyway, we were using a version of Osprey Games Ronin rules that Dean had messed about with specifically. 

the board

The game was split into three factions, the Athenians, the Spartans and the Satyrs, which I controlled. Each had their own style of playing and mine we a strong side as long as their leader was alive, otherwise they'd become fragile. 

A Satyr

A group of Satyrs creep through the woods

Blow thy hunting horn!

The objective was to search the ruins scattered across the board and find the Golden McGuffin, which then had to be carried to the large central set of ruins in the middle of the board. Searching for the McGuffin was decided by a dice roll as the figures entered the ruins which got increasingly easier.

Where can the Golden McGuffin be!?

In my first move, I was able to get the sprightly Satyrs into some of the ruins nearby, but alas, alack, there was no McGuffin!

The Satyr's search for the Golden McGuffin in vain

Meanwhile, the Spartans were also rummaging through the rubble desperately searching for the McGuffin as well. 

Spartans search the rubble like dogs picking for scraps


However, the Spartans rummaging managed to unearth a skeleton that had been reanimated by the Hydra's teeth!

The Hydra's teeth give birth to a skeleton warrior!

With my immediate area searched, I set my sights on the Athenians, maybe they had the Golden McGuffin?

The Athenians are spotted

Making a move to bash some Athenians

I'm coming to get you!

Then one of the Spartan dogs managed to grub up the Golden McGuffin! Surprisingly, it looked like a big yellow dice!

The McGuffin is found!

With the McGuffin in Spartan hands the Athenians rushed forward like salivating animals to get their grubby mitts on the prize. 

Filthy Athenians make a move to get the McGuffin for themselves

Halfway through the game

I decided that it was time to bash the filthy Spartans and moved in against their slinger.

The Satyrs start to threaten the Saprtans

Meanwhile my leader and his mate moved towards the Athenians...

Dirty Athenians...

All the while the Spartans were inching the McGuffin closer to the goal.

The Spartans move the McGuffin closer to the goal

As the sneaky Spartans gripped the McGuffin like a child and his toy, the Satyrs set upon the Athenians


Let's get stabby!

But disaster struck and using dirty tricks and backhanded tactics the Athenians killed the Satyr leader and his retinue. 

The Satyr leader is killed by an underhand Athenian trick!

But their glory was short lived as the Spartan leader seized his chance and joined in the fight.

The Spartans and Athenian leaders trade blows

Stab stab stab

The remaining Satyrs also joined in the scrap...

The Satyrs attack!

But the filthy human scum killed two of them!

The filthy human scum kill two more Satyrs

And the remaining Satyr fled back to the safety of the woods!

Run away!

With the Spartan leader also killed by the blades of the Athenians the game was up, the Spartan carrying the Golden McGuffin was killed by Athenian archers and they were now in possession of the prize and the game!

The Athenians kill everyone and win the game!

It was an Athenian victory, but a good game. The Ronin rules worked well, with its emphasis on single combat. Having not read the rules myself I couldn't go into details, but there is a nice gambling feel to the combat with players deciding how many points they put into attacking and defending before the combat begins. An interesting game and a caveat by Ninjasaurus that he STILL hasn't finished off the figures completely. 

Meanwhile, over on the Storm of Steel Youtube Channel, I posted a solo AAR of a game of Square Bashing that I played recently. it may give you some ideas about how to play a solo game yourself. Please have a watch here and subscribe to the channel if you enjoyed it!


  1. Looks great fun. Bit different.



  2. Looks like it was a good game! Greek mythology stuff is always fun.

    Might have to look at the Ronin rules, always on the lookout for good single combat sets!

    1. Cheers, yes it was. From what I saw Ronin is a good set for exactly that. It has an interesting bidding system for the combat which add a bit of friction.


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