Adding to the Mega-City

With the Covid-19 Lockdown in full force, I have been able to really work on reducing the lead mountain. This is one of the plastic outcrops of that mountain, a science-fiction building by Plastcraft. Dean had passed this over to me, as he didn't have time to build it (he probably does now though...). We thought it would look good on the table in a Mega-City or a galaxy far, far away...

A Judge Dredd building in Mega City One

The basic building was the central rectangular part, but I also had two balcony additions from another set Dean had also passed over, so I added these to give it more of a Sci-Fi feel. In addition, I added some of my own greeblies, including some small security and heating/electrical boxes made from MDF squares and circles with copper wires running off them. 

Mega-City One Building

Also, to break up the sides, I added a couple of extra panels, with the corners cut off and indentations along the bottom. I got the idea for this from Adam Savage's One Day Builds on Youtube. These were simply made from plasticard and glued in place. 

Weathered and scrawled on

The last thing to do was weather and graffiti it, the graffiti coming from Warlord Games' Judge Dredd scrawler sheet. The weathering was done using powders and various washes. For future reference, I have noted that if you want to create an oil spill, using GW's Nuln Oil and varnishing it before it has dried leaves it with a slight sheen which looks a lot more oily than when matt. 

Perps are holed up against three judges

So, that was a nice little project that will look good on the table. I also had time to paint some scatter terrain that I have lying around for a while. These were easy enough to get finished and will work as cover and LOS blockers. Also, as a bonus, I can use them for both Judge Dredd and Star Wars Legion.

Meanwhile over on the Storm of Steel Youtube channel I posted the video AAR of the recent game of Waterloo I played using the Blucher rules. You can watch the full video here (and please subscribe if you enjoy it!):


  1. That looks great- nice tip for iol stains too.



    1. Cheers Pete, the oil stain was completely by accident!


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