This War of Mine Character Figures

At Christmas, my wife bought me a copy of This War of Mine, a board game by Awaken Realms, a Polish games design company. It's a grim game, a civilians' view of war and is adult themed for that reason. The game comes with twelve figures for the characters that are featured in the team trying to survive the conflict. 

Character models for This War of Mine

They come unpainted, but I decided that they needed a bit of colour, so I set about painting them. I always find painting civilians difficult. Mainly it's deciding the different colours and I hate doubling up. Anyway, I worked my way through them and I am quite pleased with the result. The figures aren't as detailed as you'd expect for wargaming figures, but they are board game pieces and work perfectly well in that role. 

Painted figures for This War of Mine

When I get a chance I will do a video review of the game, but until then, you'll have to make do with these pictures! In an unlikely twist the UK is currently in lockdown due to the coronavirus and this means we have to turn to solo gaming to pass time. This War of Mine is great for this, but I have also written a recent post covering my thoughts on solo wargaming, have a read of it HERE. I have also made a video about the same subject, which you can watch here: