The Body: Street Judges

Adding to my collection of the new Warlord Games Judge Dredd Miniatures range are these Street Judges. There's six in a box and as with the Judges Dredd and Anderson figures they are moulded in resin and are sharply detailed. 

Warlord Games' new Street Judges

The poses are nice and the figures are well proportioned, compared to the older sculpts.

Street Judges from Mega-City One

The problem with the old range was that they felt like they had been sculpted by different people, each with their own interpretation of the Judge's uniforms. These ones are more, well, uniform. Although they are not named Judges, the woman with the black hair reminded me of Hershey when she was a street Judge. So that's who it is now... 

Street Judges are ready to arrest perps

They also have a variety of weapons that are also covered by the Armoury cards included in the set, so you can dispense some heavy justice to the streets of Mega-City One... 

Hunting perps on the streets of the big city

Don't forget that I am selling a few of these sets over on EBay, check the listings at the foot of this post.

Also, over on the Yotube, I have filmed a review of some 15mm Scatter terrain and movement trays that I had custom made by Sabotag3d. They are excellent and the customer service is brilliant. Really fast delivery and well made products. Check out the review here (and please subscribe!)


  1. Those judges look good.

    Like the bases review too- quick suggestionms- get some spare bases to make filler sabots with the odd bit of terrain on to replace a figure when you take a casualty off. I diod it for some rioting bases and it looks very effective.



    1. Cheers Pete. That's a really good idea. Maybe they only need a grass tuft or two. I will do exactly that!


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