By Toutatis!

With the imminent release of the Too Fat Lardies ancient rules, Infamy, Infamy, I decided to jump on the bandwagon. However, I don't have a great deal of interest in the period, but having seen the game demoed a couple of times and knowing it doesn't need a huge amount of figures, I thought I'd have a crack at putting together some forces. The first up are these Warlord Games Celtic Warriors

Warlord Games 28mm Celtic Warriors

When I said, I had no real interest in the period, this is a bit of white lie as I have been a fan of the Asterix comics since I was a child. So, this was the perfect chance to get some indomitable Gauls on the table! 

Gauls charge into battle

I pulled all my research from the Asterix comics and used bold solid colours on the figures' clothes. I am currently looking at ways of including the named characters from Asterix, but these work well as some of the other villagers. 

Gauls ready for playing Infamy, Infamy!

They were very nice to paint and are full of character, I based them on 2p coins and used a movement tray from Sabotag3d that fits the coins perfectly. 

Celtic warriors painted as Gauls

This is the first ten and there are forty in the Warlord Warriors box, so there's a few more to complete just yet. In bad news, Albert Uderzo died recently, so this is a little tribute to the man who more than anyone else fired my early interest in history and archaeology.

Over on the Storm of Steel Youtube channel, I have made a video about solo wargaming. With the current health crisis and the UK being in lockdown, solo gaming can be challenging and fun and will help you pass the time. Please have a watch here (and subscribe!):