Drokk It!

In a slight shift from the Malayan jungle to the concrete jungle of Mega City One, I bought some of the new Warlord Games Judge Dredd Miniatures Game figures. I got the traders demo box (see an opening video HERE) and this street Judge was one of the handful of figures included. 

Warlord Games Street Judge

He was a simple figure to paint, and I wanted a slightly bright comic book feel to the paint job. I'm happy with how it turned out. These are supposed to be 28mm, but they actually stand at about 32mm. They do fit in with my other 28mm Judge Dredd figures, but only because the older figures are mounted on higher bases. 

A 28mm street judge for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game

I do like the fact that these and the others in the range have a uniform look. The older ranges appear to have been sculpted by different people and you could really tell, with no two judges looking the same! Speaking of Judge Dredd, I am selling a few boxes of the starter set and some extra boxes, see the Ebay listings at the bottom of this post to see what is on offer!

And on the subject of jungles, I made a new video on making jungle terrain over on the Storm of Steel Wargaming Youtube channel. Have a watch below and please subscribe to the channel!


  1. Nice work on the Judge Dredd figures- I really like them.



    1. Thanks Pete! The new range are excellent, really well sculpted and good proportions.


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