Rusty Bin

Moving along with the Gaslands vehicles I wanted to try out something different and see how the Games Workshop Typhus Corrosion paint works. So I thought I'd paint a rust bucket.

A rusted car ready for Gaslands

This was a simple conversion, I added a driver, some side panels/armour and bumper from the Implements of Carnage set, along with a pair of machine guns on the bonnet. Then I painted it in the Typhus Corrosion

Rust effect from Games Workshop paints

The paint took a little while to dry, and I also gave it a second coat as it's quite thin paint. Nicely though, it dries quite blotchy so it gives an uneven feel straight away. When it was completely dry I drybrushed the entire thing in Vallejo's German Orange. This is a bright paint and I was uneasy about using it, but I needn't have been as it really worked well with the Typhus as a base colour. 

Death Race 2000

The grainy texture of the paint was perfect for the rusted effect with the drybrushed orange. It's an excellent, quick rust application, especially over large flat areas. It will come in very handy for painting the underside of vehicles.

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