Luke Warm

With Fantasy Flight Games releasing a raft of new sets for Star Wars Legion, I bought myself some of the new Taun-Tauns for the Rebels. This set of two animals shows the lovely new sculpts that FFG are producing. 

Although the Taun-Tauns are only seen on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back, there's no reason why they wouldn't be found elsewhere across the galaxy, including in forests. So I painted mine in what I considered a woodland coat. I also painted the riders in khakis rather than the winter whites they wear in ESB

These were enjoyable to paint and will make an interesting addition to the table. I may get a couple more in the future, but that would mean I would have to remember what I sued to paint the fur... Which I can't!

Over on the Storm of Steel Youtube channel, I have published a video on Combat examples for Sam Mustafa's Rommel. It looks at several different combat examples in a typical game and explains the process for each. Please watch it here (and subscribe!):

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  1. Those taun-tauns look fab, good idea on the non-wintry variety!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I didn't go down thew wintry route as it would look weird on my green table!

    2. I do like those! You've captured the look spot on 👍

    3. Thanks Russ! Very much appreciated!


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