Carriers for Malaya

At The Other Partizan, I picked up a set of Plastic Soldier Company's Universal Carriers to add to my British for the Malaya campaign. There are nine in a box, so that is more than enough for my needs. 

The box allows for a huge range of different types of carriers, from mortar carriers to flamethrower carriers. However, the British in Malaya were limited in their carriers, so I built all mine as the basic Bren version. They were simply painted in Vallejo's Bronze Green

They should add a little bit more to the British I already have and give them some options for moving fast in front of the Japanese onslaught!

On my Storm of Steel Youtube channel, I have posted a How To Play video of Rommel by Sam Mustafa. It gives you an overview of the basic rules and explains a few of the concepts of the game. Please watch it here (and subscribe!):


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