French Foot Artillery in 6mm

Dipping my hand into my bag of French artillery I pulled out the last foot artillery battery that I needed to complete and here it is!

A Blucher battery in 6mm

As  with the other foot artillery batteries, this is not assigned to a particular Corps, but will be added by players if they decide they want to group their guns.

French artillery in 6mm by Baccus

Although this is the last foot artillery battery I need to finish, there are still a couple of other batteries left to complete, so I am not out of the woods yet...

A French artillery battery for Blucher

I will nearly be completed with the French artillery, which is a relief as I am running out things to say about them... Meanwhile, check out the latest video I posted on the Storm of Steel Youtube channel about the sinking of the Prince of Wales (and please subscribe!). Watch it here: 


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