The Last French Artillery

Here it is, the final artillery battery in my little box! It's another heavy artillery unit for the French Imperial Guard. 

6mm French Heavy Artillery

This is a battery of six 12lber cannons and they do quite a bit of damage with their 6 dice rolled in an attack. 

6mm French artillery

I said it was the last one, well, that is true in a certain sense as it is the last one that I currently have. But I checked the batteries that I have completed against the cards in the 100 Days Campaign card box set and realised that I was actually missing three more batteries!

Guard Artillery in 6mm

So, it means I am not out of the woods just yet, but I have enough for my needs at the moment and here are all the French artillery that I currently have, including ones I had completed a while ago:

Imperial French Artillery in 6mm, by Baccus

I will have to go back and order some more guns, but that is for the future and for now, I have completed this section of guns.

Meanwhile, check out the latest video on my Youtube channel about the sinking of HMS Prince of Wales and please subscribe!


  1. Always feels good to (sort of) finish a project. They look great!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I was quite disappointed to find out my mistake, but happy to get to the end of the bases I have!


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