More French Horse Artillery

Continuing on with the unrelenting bid to finish off the French artillery for Blücher, the next battery was another horse artillery battery. 

6mm French artillery

This battery only has five guns, but that is because I had an odd number of guns and crew left over and it made little sense to buy a completely brand new pack of guns for one single cannon and four crew. Anyway, not every battery was at strength during the Waterloo campaign for various reasons, so it's not a big issue. 

6mm French horse artillery

As with the other horse batteries, this is mobile, meaning it can move and fire, giving it a tactical advantage. However, the efficiency of the fire drops off pretty quickly, swings and roundabout, I guess. 

6mm French Imperial horse artillery

I have a few more of these batteries to finish over the next few weeks, but I'll be glad to see the back of them! I'm looking forward to getting into the cavalry, but I'm saving that as a treat! Over on the Storm of Steel Youtube channel, I made a new video on the Battle of Jitra. Long time readers may remember that we re-fought this battle a few years ago, here is the AAR if you want to see how we got on. You can also watch the video about the battle here (and please subscribe!):


  1. Cheers buddy! There's plenty more to come as well!

  2. Cracking work Alex, look forward to more additions

    1. Thanks a million Russ! I'm not too far off completing the full army, I just need to keep plugging away at it!


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