A Jungle Village in 15mm

This blog has been quiet over the last couple of weeks as I have been in Austria for a holiday with my wife. As part of my reinvigorated Malaya campaign stuff, before I left for holidays, I bought a Jungle Building bundle from Sarissa Precision. Without a doubt they are currently the leaders in MDF buildings and the detailed models they produce are amazing. 

The bundle consists of five buildings. They need a little work, especially on the roof, where I filled in the joints and the join of the two parts of the roof with Polyfilla. 

I also added some foliage to the roofs, to break up the flat panels.

The buildings were painted to represent old wood and I used brown as a base coat with greys and khakis drybrushed over the top. Finally, I used Flory Washes to add a bit of grime to the roofs. 

The building set also includes this pig sty/animal pen, which inspired me to paint a few 15mm pigs that I have had hanging around for a while,

The last a biggest building is this village meeting place, which makes a nice centre piece for the other buildings. 

The buildings are excellent straight out of the box, but in future, I may add some reed type roofs to them to reduce the clean lines of the laser cut marks. They are a little expensive, but worth every penny in my opinion. 

I am off to France on Saturday for excavations, so again, don't expect an update until I am back! 


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