More Chain of Command Shock Markers

Following on from the previous shock tokens I made for Chain of Command, I also made some smaller ones just to hold one dice (and track up to six shock). These will be more useful for smaller teams and sections. Here are the Germans:

Chain of Command shock tokens

And below are the Soviets. I only have Germans and Soviets at the moment as they are the only casualty figures I have right now. In the future, I will add other nations to the mix, including Japanese and British for the Far East. 

Chain of Command shock markers

These were easy to make, I used small mdf Flames of War style bases from Sally 4th with Minibits 7mm dice holders to hold the dice in place. 

In other news I released a new video on Youtube, this is the history and combat use of the famous German 88mm anti-aircraft/tank gun, please have a watch here (and subscribe to the channel!):


  1. Great work on both the markers and the video.



    1. Thanks Pete, I'm glad you liked both of them!

  2. Very nice work! Inspires me to do the same Are these homemade casualty figures? Thanks!

    1. Thank you. The casualty figures were given to me by a friend, but Peter Pig does various 15mm casualties as well.


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