Vapnartak 2019

February always brings the first wargaming convention of the year in the shape of Vapnartak at the York Racecourse. This is always an excellent show with loads to see and many traders. Unfortunately, this year seemed to be a bit quieter than usual, but that may have been to do with the recent bad weather making people stay away. 

A Fokker Triplane in Turkish livery at Vapnartak 2019

In this post are a few of the photos I took as I made my way around the show, I don't remember what everything was, but enjoy the photos anyway!

Middle Eastern castle at Vapnartak 2019

These guys always occupy the same space with different First World War Middle Eastern game with plenty of aircraft and lovely scenery.

A British BE2c cicrles the Turkish positions

Turkish camel rider at Vapnartak 2019

Close by was this Indiana Jones inspired game that had many aspects of the Raiders of the Lost Ark film, like this multi-engined German plane. 

German aircraft at Vapnartak 2019

The table was packed with Indiana Jones referenced scenery.

Indiana Jones table at Vapnartak 2019

The German four engined aircraft taxis

The Sphinx overlooks an Indiana Jones game at Vapnartak 2019

Next up is the large 17/18th Century display game that is always a centrepiece at the show:

17th century display game at Vapnartak

A line of troops heads to the front

A witch hunt at Vapnartak 2019

Ships exchange fire in the docks

This was an Arab-Israeli game, I believe? 

Israeli jets fly over the battlefield at Vapnartak 2019

Biplanes flew against tripods over at the Wings of Glory area.

Biplanes and Tripods at Vapnartak 2019

There was also the siege of York which was fitting for the location!

York under siege during the English Civil War

The siege of York at Vapnartak 2019

One of many early medieval games:

A wargame set in the dark ages at Vapnartak 2019

The RAF Wargamers put on an interesting participation game with kids' toys

A kids participation game at Vapnartak 2019

As ever, there was the usual Second World War Games, including this large paratroop attack scenario:

A glider attack during the Second World War

Panzers attack at Vapnartak 2019

A large Roman battle using the Dragon Rampant rules.

And finally, this Mad Max/desolate future style game.

A future war game at Vapnartak 2019

As I said, it was a good year again, although a little quiet. I wasn't looking for much to buy, so I only came away with a few extra figures that I had forgotten to order from Baccus and some paints. Vapnartak is always a good start to the gaming year!

As an accompaniment to this post, I have also made a slideshow of the photos on the Storm of Steel channel on YouTube, please have a look here (and subscribe!) 


  1. Really wanted to try and make it this year. Looking at the pics, gutted that I didn't!

    1. As always there was some lovely eye candy on offer!

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