Soviet Forces for Rommel in 3mm

Slowly, but surely, in the background of everything else, I have been completing a Soviet force for Rommel. It has been a slow process as Magister Militum didn't have all I needed and I had to wait until they took delivery from Oddzial Osmy. However, MM, sent the extras through and very quickly with no extra cost, what great customer service! I put together a 100 point mid war force to fight my Germans.

A force of Soviet infantry for Rommel

A lot of the force is formed of an infantry regiment (above) along with a separate motorised infantry brigade (at the back), mounted in trucks. The regiment is supported by a battalion of 76mm field guns and a battalion of 122mm field guns.

The infantry are supplemented by two tank brigades, the smaller one (below) consists of two battalions of T-34/76s, one battalion of KV-1s and a battalion of motorised infantry mounted in trucks. 

Soviet Tank Brigade for Rommel

The second, and larger, tank brigade has a mix of two battalions of T-34/76, one battalion of KV-1, one battalion of SP guns in the form of SU-76s and a battalion of light T-26 tanks. Additional support comes from another battalion of motorised infantry.

Larger Soviet Tank Brigade for Rommel

So, all together, the force is worth 100 points: the infantry regiment is worth 31 points, the motorised brigade, 15, the smaller tank brigade is worth 23 points, and the larger one 30. This also means that I can swap the larger tank brigade for another infantry regiment (I have the figures, just not painted yet!) to bulk up the foot sloggers.

100 point Soviet force for Rommel in 3mm

I took the unit insignia from this source, it's not truly correct for 1943, but it looks better than just having unit numbers on the base labels. I'm looking forward to getting this force on the field and seeing how the tanks match against the German Panthers and Tigers!


  1. Very neat and tidy. I am considering Oddzial Ozmy for something similar. Would you mind telling me the base sizes you've used here so I can get an idea of what looks right for troop density. Looks like you're using five tanks or four OO strips per base (which seems to be about right for this size base)?

    Have you tried trimming the infantry bases into groups of three and two to break up the infantry deployment a bit? I've heard that they are tough strips to separate out in such a fashion.

    Nice work

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Andrew. I have used 2" square bases made from 2mm thick MDF (from Sally 4th), that way, three easily fit into the 6" squares that Rommel uses (three is the maximum number of bases allowed in a square in Rommel).

      Yep, I used five tanks and four infantry strips on the bases, the infantry also have a Maxim MG or a AT rifle, but they are difficult to see on the photos.

      I did consider cutting the individual figures up, but I thought it might be too fiddly with basing and everything, so I am happy to have them advancing in lines. The material OO use is very tough to cut, so this was also a factor in deciding to keep them as a single strip.

  2. Very small but with that comes the look of a large high level formation. Nice work.



    1. Thanks Pete, the trade off is that they are very easy to paint!


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