PSC's Battle of Britain Aircraft (Second Go)

The first batch of Plastic Soldier Company's plastic aircraft from the Battle of Britain Board Game were made from bendy plastic. Personally, I didn't mind this, as all it took was a bit of hot water to bend any bent wings back into shape. However, there was a lot that did and being such good eggs, PSC responded by re-releasing the planes in the game with hard plastic ones and sending them out to all us Kickstarter backers. 

Mine arrived recently and I quickly slapped a bit of paint on them. Here is the dastardly Hun planning a raid:

Plastic Soldier Company's German Aircraft for Battle of Britain

And the plucky Brits ready and waiting to cut them down in the skies above Blighty.

Plastic Soldier Company's British Aircraft for Battle of Britain

I decided with these just to wash the panel lines and leave them largely un-weathered and I think they look better than my first batch. I got the decals from Mehusla on EBay, HERE. This seller is excellent, a really good range of decals and very fast delivery, very well recommended.

And as I suspected they would, PSC have started selling the aircraft on their website and at a reasonable price as well. Check them out HERE. Now I have quite a few 1/300th scale aircraft I might start looking around for some rules to use them beyond the board game.


  1. No let’s get this right. PSC totally messed this Kickstarter up with cheap and nasty Christmas cracker type aircraft. It’s taken months and months to sort out. So much so I lost interest in the game, I am hoping this will return soon. I for one will never buy another PSC product.

    1. Personally, I don't agree. They messed up, yes, but they then put it right. A lot of companies wouldn't even bother with that. So far, this has been their biggest mistake IMO, so to reject everything they potentially will ever do again on one foul-up is neither fair nor far-sighted. But it's your money, spend it how you like.

    2. I have quite a bit of PSC 1/72 vehicles and infantry and it is really very good. This has been their core business and the owner is expanding into the boardgame market. I think this is a case of growing pains. To do new (replacement) plastics, they basically have to wait for a slot in the schedule to insert them.

      Because of the high demands on the company that actually make the plastic parts, I had heard that the likes of PSC only get about four slots a year to insert their product into the production line. I don't know for sure, but I have a high regard in general for PSC and the ethos of its owner, who is a wargamer. I am looking forward to heir SU. 76 release.

    3. I agree Norm, damning a small niche company for getting something wrong once is pretty unfair. They have a good proven track record and learn from mistakes.

    4. Thanks for the above, but I do not agree obviously. There was God awful communication and an attempt to supply sub standard gaming pieces that looked nothing like what we were told they would.
      People who paid for the painted examples seem to have been left hanging, with again no information. Mats in some cases were not sent out etc, etc.
      PSC is not a small niche company. It’s core business is the manufacture of plastic kits and gaming pieces. Why then supply cheap and nasty Christmas cracker type major gaming components? This is not their first board game is it?
      The answer is probably a money saving excersise that back fired wonderously that has effected their reputation badly. Take a look on the Kickstarter comments. I wish I had waited and bought Blood Red skies, like many others.
      I noticed at a recent show the owner being berated by a member of the public because of the total mess of this Kickstarter.


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