A Landing Pad for Star Wars Legion

Along with the other bits of scenery I bought for Star Wars Legion, I got a landing pad terrain piece from TTCombat. The first thing that attracted me was the price, a large scenery piece for less than a tenner! However, in it's original form it's a little basic. The laser cut decoration is great and it really goes together very well, but I felt it needed a little more...

A TTCombat Landing Pad unpainted with Stormtroopers

Popping over to my local railway modeller suppliers, I picked up a load of semicircular styrene rods. These, along with some square and rectangular shaped pieces and small off cuts of plasticard gave me enough detailing to add cabling ducts, control panels, power sources and other odds that would be scattered around a landing pad. I also painted the tops of the joints for the platform supports in red and green, with a gloss varnish, to signify landing lights. I turned to my bits box and kit bashed the two electrical boxes/storage features you can see next to the steps.

TTCombat Landing Pad with Stormtropers and Rebels

On the steps I added some embossed plasticard which resembles steel plate and added trim to finish it off. Had I not glued the steps together already, I would have put the plasticard across the whole top of each step, but this was much easier and still looks OK.

Rebels defend against Stormtroopers assaulting up the Landing Pad stairs

It was a reasonably easy process to give the kit a bit of depth, and I went further with weathering powders for rocket exhaust fumes, black ink varnished with gloss for oil spills and Flory clay washes for grime. It's an excellent terrain piece and you can see it in use in this recent game of Legion by clicking HERE!

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