Final Units for Star Wars Legion

I finished off the final units from the Star Wars Legion Core Box. This included the vehicles, such as this Rebel AT-RT (All Terrain Recon Transport).

It's a very nice kit and comes with interchangeable weaponry. I didn't glue the weapons in so that I can change them around as needs be. The base should have markings to show the four quarter facings of the vehicle (front, back and sides). I didn't mark these on as it's quite obvious which is which!

Then I painted the two 74-Z Scoutbikes. These were again, well-made kits, with all the pieces going together very well and packed with good sharp detail.

I particularly like the dynamism of the scout trooper firing backwards.

Then all that was left from the Core Box was the two commander figures. The first one needing no introduction: Darth Vader. This was a very easy paint job: Black... I added details and light drybrushing with some gloss varnish for parts of his armour, and he was complete!

His wayward son, Luke, was next and he was a pretty easy job as well. I gave him the blue lightsaber and his Bespin/Dagobah romper suit.

So that completes all the figures from the Core Box, I have my eye on a few of the expansions, but as they will have to wait until I have filled my war chest with some gold (buying Amazon stuff through the links will help me!).