Rommel in 3mm: First Battalion

Having been toying with tackling Rommel in 6mm, after a discussion on The Wargames Website about the various beneficiaries of the scale, I was pointed in the direction of 3mm. Wait! What! That's madness! I hear you say. And I thought so to until I stumped up a few pounds for some of Oddzial Osmy's tanks.
When they arrived I was flabbergasted by the amount of detail packed onto what are such small vehicles. Plus for the price, they were unbeatable at about £3.00 for 15 vehicles.

I got them in the UK through Fighting 15s, but they seem to be no longer running the line, so Magister Militum will be my next port of call for more.

Another plus for 3mm is that they can be painted very quickly. A lot of detail can be missed out given their tiny size. So I started on my first unit, a Battalion of Panthers from 3rd Panzer Division. 

I chose 3rd Panzer Division as they were at Kursk and were a pretty standard Panzer Division. I mounted them on 2" by 2" bases so you can easily fit three in a 6"x6" square and left a quarter of the base to put the unit label on (the label has been laminated so it can be marked with dry wipe pens in a game).

I was more than happy with how they turned out and the speed in which I completed the unit. Another bonus is that 3rd Panzer Division had 22 Panthers in the Summer 1943 TO&Es, so this unit of 15 is almost a complete battalion minus a few that would be in workshops or not on front line duty. All for the princley sum of £3.00! 

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Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice work- Look do look very detailed given their size.



    1. Thanks Pete, yeah, there is tons of detail on them, which makes it really easy to paint!

  2. I am truly impressed, what a scale and what a great job!

    1. Thanks Phil, the models are excellent, I wish I had seen them before now!

  3. The camo on those Panthers is spot on. Very nice.

    1. Thank you, it was very simple, just brown and green blobs over the base coat of Middlestone.


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