Berlin House WIP Pt.2

Following on from the first part of this build, I washed the building in brown oil paints thinned down with White Spirits, a technique I learned from large scale model builders.
Then, I added rubble, I was quite sparse with this as the roof is still intact and the only thing that would be in there is stuff that got blown in through the windows or the interior fittings. Then I varnished it all:

And it is complete! At least the two floors are finished.

Top floor:

Ground floor. As you can see from the scale of the tanks (15mm) it is a big building, but will work perfectly as a town hall or administrative building in a city.

So with that done for now (another floor does await for another day), I turned back to some Commission Figurine buildings that have also been sat around for years:

More on this build later, so stay tuned for that!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Very nice work- certainly more colourful than mine.



    1. Thanks Pete, I was going to use some wallpaper on the interior, but it would have been too difficult as it was already built. Maybe on the second storey...

  2. Cracking work Alex! Absolutely cracking 👍


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