1/48th Fokker Dr1 WIP

A few months ago I bought myself an Eduard Fokker Dr1 1/48th model kit. It has been sat on my to do pile for a while, until last weekend, when I started work on it.

As with all Eduard kits it comes with a nicely detailed cockpit and interior, including some nice straps for the pilot!

It will be painted as Lt Friedrich Kempf's crate from Jasta 2 in 1917, I am avoiding the clich├ęd red triplane... For this I need it to be streaky Olive Drab, so I experimented by painting thinned down OD over a Pale Blue basecoat. I did two layers of streaking and I am happy with the initial results. It will look much better when the entire plane is finished.

However, I will be spending Christmas in Vienna with my wife, so I won't finish this plane until the new year. But stay tune for further updates!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great work- love the detail in the cockpit. Will it get a pilot?



    1. No, I never put pilots in the 1/48th models, they obscure all the details in the cockpit.


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