Rommel Supply Tokens

I have got back on painting track since coming back from Vienna and completed a couple of supply tokens ready for Rommel. They are simply a pile of crates and oil drums, but are used in the game to decide who is in supply and who isn't. Also units can become isolated if they can't draw a line back to their supply.

They are made up of crates and rums from Skytrex, some spare stowage that I had lying around. One set of drums are painted in Olive Drab (for the Allies) and the other German Grey (for, you guessed it... the Germans), not that you can really tell at this scale...

I added a bit of static grass and some tufts to the base and they were done. 

in other news, whilst I was in Vienna I found this second hand book of Chris Foss's paintings. If you grew up in the Seventies with science-fiction books then you'll know his spaceship paintings.

I couldn't walk past this book as only a couple of weeks previously Ninjasaurus and I were talking about Foss's spaceships, so I bought it as a present from Austria for him. What I never knew was that Foss also painted a lot of Second World War pictures. And bloody good they are too, I urge you to Google them if you haven't seen them before!

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