Judges Dredd and Anderson

Continuing the theme of Judge Dredd I turned my attention to the figures that I bought in the Warlord Games sale a few months ago.  The first two out of the bag were the Judges Dredd and Anderson.

Here's Judge Dredd in a typically dramatic pose.

You  may notice the base. I was inspired by Ninjasaurus Rex's colonial Marines and Genestealers that he had put on individual bases using embossed plasticard. I experimented with this figure did the same. I am happy with the result and wish I had done the same with all the other Judge Dredd figures I have completed so far...

Next up is Psi Judge Anderson, another famous Judge from the comics.

I also put Anderson on a plasticard base, this time to look like rockcrete paving slabs. Again, I am pleased with the result, so all my remaining JD figures will be done like this.

I have a fair few more Judges and Perps to work my way through, so this project has not ended yet! But the Mega-City is getting populated pretty quickly.

I am off to France for a week this Saturday, so don't expect any new posts until I get back!

Thanks for reading!