Hanoverian Cavalry and II Corps

So the final unit for II Corps is finished! And it is the Hanoverian Cavalry brigade, which was composed of the Bremen-Verden (Hannoverian) Hussar Regiment, the Regent (Hannoverian) Hussar Regiment and the Herzog von Cumberland (Hannoverian) Hussar Regiment.

These three units were made up of various British cavalry figures, as the uniforms were similar and at this scale it's hard to tell the difference... Sue me.

This was a nice and colourful unit to paint, with lot's of red, blue and green!

Along with other units from II Corps, only Cumberland's regiment were present at Waterloo, the rest of the brigade was stationed at Halle and had no part in the battle.

With this unit completed, so is II Corps! (about bloody time, I hear you say...) and here is the full Corps in all their glory. Rather than waffling on any longer, I'll let the pictures do the talking:

As I finished the corps, I decided to have a count up of how many 6mm figures I have painted so far; the total stands at 2,793!

Breaking this down, here are the totals:

Allied I Corps: 720
Allied II Corps: 636
Brunswick: 144
Others not included above (command, artillery, etc.) 75
Total: 1575

French I Corps: 543
French II Corps: 608
Others not included above (command, artillery, etc.) 67
Total: 1218

For my own amusement, I will keep a running total for every 6mm unit I paint from now on!


  1. Looking good - great achievement! Are you going to have a go at Quatre Bras "on the way", so to speak?

    1. Thanks JWH, I am actually painting every unit that took part in the campaign, the dea being that I can refight any of the engagements of the 100 Days, plus some fictional ones as well. As Quatre-Bras has always been one of my favourite battles from the campaign, you can bet I'll have a crack at it!

  2. That's some cracking looking cavalry! And the last few photos really show off the mass effect of 6mm! Fantastic!

    1. Thanks Russ! I'm looking forward to using them in a game, hopefully soon!


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