Dutch (Indonesian) Brigade in 6mm

The last is always the biggest. The final brigade base for II Corps is the (Dutch) Indonesian Brigade. This was commanded by Lt-Gen Anthing and comprised of the 10th and 11th (Dutch) West Indian Jagers, 1st Flank Battalion and two battalions of the 5th (Dutch) Colonial Regiments.

This means that the unit is Overstrength and has five battalions. Having the Jagers also allowed me to add a splash of green in the unit.

Unlike most of the other Dutch units, this one also has skirmishers, so although the Elan is quite low at 5 it has quite a punch.

Like other units of II Corps, the Indonesian Brigade was stationed out at Halle on Wellington's right flank and took no part in either Quatre-Bras or Waterloo.

This is the final infantry brigade for II Corps, I have only one brigade of cavalry left to finish before the full Corps is finished!

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  1. All looking really good. Congratulations on getting another part of your project completed.

    1. Thank JWH, that's the infantry finished, now just the cavalry brigade!


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